Nous sommes tous les Parisiens

Last night, Saturday November 14th, I went to Trafalgar Square.  I was still recovering from being ill but I could not stay in with such awful news.  I felt the need to document… Continue reading

My wonderful son

Today is the day that James receives his A Level results.  Very recently he turned 18,  I remember the day of his birth so well.   June 21st the start of summer, and of course… Continue reading

Impressions of Seville

Light dances with shadows A girl waits by ancient stones  Sunk in summer’s heat #Sevilla #wceu #wceu2015 #highsummer #summer #haiku


We parenthesise our lives Hiding in the brackets Nesting our tags deep Avoiding the full expression Of our own unique code

Croyde Cross

The crosses I bore Are all rooted in the past Free I can explore

Spring Curated

Bird song awakens Slow warmth colours the land Hope returns gladly

Misty Walk

Happy New Year to you!  I thought I’d kick off the year with a quick post of a few photos taken today at a very Misty Mote Park.  There’s something so ethereal about… Continue reading

Temples of Tokyo

Silent bell touched Glinting light, smoky shadows Time passes still

Two Days in Tokyo

Its the end of July and I’m just getting around to writing up the final two posts of a trip that we took in February.  If there were school reports for blogging mine… Continue reading

Ski Japan – Part 2

A little later than planned here is part two of skiing in Japan.  I had meant to post this last weekend but James and I we were skiing last Saturday, yes skiing in… Continue reading

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