Start with a bang; let’s hope it doesn’t end in a whimper

Tear it Down

So this is my first post on the blog.  It’s all about the pictures, and a little about the words, but mainly about making a visual record of a photographic journey.

The journey is one where I hope to become halfway competent as photographer and you all get to see my trials, tribulations, failures  and occasional lucky  triumphs.  It should be fun, for you lot at least.  And for me?  Well if nothing else then, as the immortal Vinnie Jones unforgettably said, “Its been emotional”, but hopefully educational as well.

Let’s get on with the show.  These were taken in December last year as I walked to Canon Street one dark, wet night.  They were tearing down a 1960’s building and a combination of the light and the primeval power of the machine made me literally stop in my tracks and reach for my camera.  Luckily I had my 50mm Summilux on the M8 and these were the results.

Going back for some more

Hose it Down