Father’s Day – Feel the love

How well my children know me!  This morning on the breakfast table was a wonderful hand made card with a photograph of myself and Lucy from when she was very small, paired with a bottle of Bowmore whisky.  For those of you who know Lucy and James and are trying to do the math; no, neither of them are 18 just yet.  Lucy will be in November which is a rather scary thought for a whole other post.  They gave the money to Caroline with instructions to buy another bottle of the whisky I was given at Christmas as that one appears to have evaporated.  So far, so lovely, and wonderful.  In fact they have been really nice to me today, almost suspiciously nice.

Well that all finished at Sunday lunch.  We were chatting about Glastonbury, some of Lucy’s friends are going though she’s going to Reading, and I said how much I would liked to have gone as it would have been great to see U2 and Coldplay at the same event.  When I asked if her friends were planning on seeing U2 whilst they were there the response came back, “No not really, U2 is more of an old person’s band”. Whilst I was spluttering into my lunch James comes in with the killer right hook “Dad you’ve got to remember that 40 is the new 80!”  Normal service has resumed.

Two more treatments of the same photograph below, let me know which one of the three you prefer.