Going Local – Darland Spring

Post Flight

This series of photographs, and other Going Local posts that follow, are all the fault of Ashwin Rao.

Who is Ahswin?  A very talented photographer who also happens to be the team doctor to the Seatlle Seahawks, you should check out his blog http://photos-ash.blogspot.com/ and see what I hope to aspire to at some time a long way off in the future .  Why is it his fault?  He wrote an article on Steve Huff’s site http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/ about taking photographs locally, where you live.  For Ashwin of course this is Seattle which just happens to be rather photogenic, but it did make me think about the immediate area where I live and how best to capture this.

Ashwin’s article came out back in April and I thought I would use that as a spring board for my photography. You may just be wondering why if I took photos in April I am posting this in July.  Well what with some extremely poor service from our broadband provider at the time, Orange since you ask, and then changing jobs I firstly did not have the ability, and then not  the time, to upload all the photos I had taken and edited.

Rant over, back to a very warm April.  I had just picked up two news lenses, a Zeiss 28mm f2.8  Biogon, which I used to take the first picture,  and a vintage Leica 90mm f2.8 Elmarit.  So with the cherry blossom in full bloom I decided over a few weekends to try and capture this fleeting beauty in colour and black and white while taking a different look at my immediate vicinity.

Cherry Blossom – Elmarit 90mm at f2.8

All of these photographs were taken within 15 minutes walk from my home and some of them, like the garage below, quite literally around the corner.

 Garage – Zeiss 28 mm f8

It is amazing how something you walk past everyday can take on a whole new light when you stop and look at it through the viewfinder of a camera.  You may know that I’m a big fan of black & white photography as taking the colours out of an image exposes the underlying structure of an image and lets you cut through to the essential beauty that belies the everyday view.  So though this was a spring shoot with wonderful colours I make no apologies for including some black and white images that showcase the true nature of where I live.

Heading Home 1 – Zeiss 28 mm f8
Heading Home 2 – Zeiss 28mm f8

For those of you who love colour, my wife and daughter included, you’ll be glad to know that I did capture my neighbourhood bursting with the zest of new life and the unexpected warmth of what was really an early summer.  The ladies below were enjoying the sun on their balcony and having a very good time by the sound of the  peals of laughter.

We also live very close to an area of protected woodland and downland, know as Darland Banks so I headed up there to see if any of the bluebells were out and enjoy being in the country whilst having the convenience of being very close to home.

Bluebell Glade – Zeiss 28mm

Of course I also found a subject that really would be better recorded in black & white so I had to grab that too.  This burn out old stump is all that is left of a tree that once had a great rope swing, where the children could run from the path and swing out over a hollow that is about nine feet deep and then swing back to the path.  It really was a lot of fun.

I thought I’d finish this article with what drew me out in the first place, the wonderful cherry blossom.  Thanks for reading all the way through this post and look out for a series of Going Local in London posts coming soon which are all based around the areas where I have worked this year.