A tale of two temples – a quick view of Tate Modern & St Pauls

As I was walking to the Tube Station late on Thursday night I passed by both Tate Modern and St Paul’s.  It was reasonable weather and having had a libation or two I was more charitably disposed towards the world than earlier in the day when I had been utterly soaked in a torrential downpour.  I stopped in a reflective moment too appreciate just how lucky we are to have two such iconic buildings on either side of the Thames directly linked by that sliver of sliver light, at night anyway, the Millenium Bridge.

St Paul’s is the totemic parish church of all London.  During the Blitz Londoner’s  would ask “Is St Paul’s all right?” or “Did they get St Paul’s?”  I don’t think Sir Christopher Wren quite realised how important his magnificent creation would become to us as a symbol of Lodon as well as our Cathedral.  So why two temples?  Well it’s my view that Herzog & De Meuron have wrought out of an old power station a temple to art which has in a few years had as great an impact on the cultural life of London that St Paul’s has had on our religious life.  Tate Modern has helped London vie with New York as the global centre for modern art and is an icon of our cultured city.

So two temples linked by a bridge, but also at a far deeper level.  Both religion and art speak to our spirit, our soul.  Linking them by a beautiful modern bridge that spans the dark swirling waters of the Thames was a work of spiritual genius.  A shining path connecting two great temples across a great divide.  Ihope you enjoy the two pictures.

Tate Modern – Summicron 40mm  f8 ISO 1250
St Paul’s Summicron 40mm f8 ISO 1250