New York in Black & White – Revisited

I said there would be more frequent posts and here’s the next one hot on the heels of the last.  It’s no secret that in most cases I prefer black & white photography to colour, it allows you to see the real structure of things without being distracted by colour.  Caroline tells me its a male thing, and Lucy agrees, as she much prefers the vibrancy and life of colour photography.  I’ll be experimenting with more colour images on this trip but I can’t promise that black and white won’t dominate in the end.

Anyway following on from my brief series on colour here is a longer black & white review from my last trip to NY.  This  was much harder to whittle down and I have allowed myself one or two more than the colour ones as I had a larger selection to choose from.  As before these are my personal favourites so if you don’t like them that’s okay, because I do.