Going Local 2 – Power & the River

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Yesterday was a beautiful November day with really soft autumn light.  I managed to get down to the river around 3.00pm and spent the next one and a half hours along the river bank and at Gillingham pier.  The water was a wonderful glassy calm and reflected the light beautifully.

Firstly I found a good spot for taking pictures of the Kingsnorth power station across the river.  Whilst some may say that this ruins the view and is an industrial leviathan sprawling in the countryside to me there is an  integrity in its industrial purpose.  I certainly intend to come back to this spot with my 90mm lens to capture it in its full glory.

At Gillingham pier, or Victory pier as it is now known with  of course the obligatory riverside apartments, the tide was starting to turn and the ripples gave real depth to the reflected images. There is what appears to be a cradle of iron posts around the slipway.  I’m not sure what they are for but they certainly create an atmosphere. I noticed a small fishing boat slowly making its way towards the slipway, it turned out that their main engine had failed and they were running on the small reserve outboard engine.  The chaps in the boat didn’t mind me photographing them coming ashore, as long as I didn’t take one of them falling over!

The tide was now coming in apace and where I had previously stood was already submerged with the water lapping at my feet.

The chaps on the boat needed to work quickly as the water was only an inch or two form the tops of their waders.  With the help of a winch and the incoming tide the boat was attached to a trailer and tow rope and then hauled up the slipway.  This photo is one where I can’t decide whether I prefer it in black and white or in colour so I’ve put in both and included a poll for you to express your deeply held opinions on the matter.

The chaps had been out fishing in the estuary, caught quite a haul of of whitebait and had intended to go on further but as the engine gave up they had limped back to shore.

Given the name of the boat I had to find out more about it and them.  It turned out that Tim, who owned the boat, had once had a dog of the same name so when he found one that was exactly what he was looking for and it was called Zulu he had to buy it.  Genuinely nice guys and a great way to end this local photo expedition.