Misty Medway Morning

When I woke on Friday Gillingham was dripping with mist.  The perfect chance to take a photograph I had imagined many times.  The power station rising out of the mist like an ethereal industrial leviathan, its warning lights washed out to a faint glow by the enveloping fog.  A rushed breakfast, grab the Leica and my 90mm Elmarit lens and jump in the car.  Should have 10 – 12 mins by the river to get a few different views of the power station and then back into the car, drive to the station and get the train to work.  I’d have to work fast but it was possible.

I make it to the river Medway, the mist has closed in so much that the power station is completely obscured!  Believe me it takes a lot of fog to screen this out of the landscape.  So I look around for other subjects; the misty shore and the narrow No Bikes gate present themselves.  They’re good but not what I was really hoping for.

Then, a long way off, I spot a lone man and his dog walking along the shore path.  It has wonderful twists and turns that draw the eye and the mist melds it softly into the river.  I take an image whilst they are far away and then wait…wait…wait (I’m beginning to learn patience, it’s funny that it has taken a camera to teach me something that people couldn’t) until they hit the apex of the bend closest to me.  Everything lines up and the photograph is made.

I’ll be back another day to capture the power station, until then I hope you enjoy these pictures.