Cornwall Days 2012 – Surfing Edition

Yesterday was the last day of reasonable surf conditions during our stay.  The waves weren’t as good as the day before and in reality it was pretty flat but as our home alternative is surfing in Kent at Joss Bay James and I weren’t going to pass it up.  Simon and Alex, friends from skiing, were with us too and for the first 30 minutes I took the M8 and my vintage 90mm Elmarit as far into the waves as I dared without it being likely to get wet.

If you’re looking here for classic surfing photos then you’ll probably be disappointed but they capture a fun day on the water for us.

James heading to the water

Alex and James heading out – Black & White

James and Alex heading out – Colour

Alex & James surfing what ever waves they can catch

The lineup from left to right: Alex, James & Simon

Alex catching the wave

James about to “Pop”

James riding the wave in – Black & White

James riding the wave in – Colour

Simon with body board

James catching the wave

And riding it to the beach

It was great to see you Simon and  Alex and we’re looking forward to skiing already.