A Stockholm Stroll

A few weeks back I had to go to Stockholm for a conference. Due to speak on a panel about Legal Entity Identifiers, if you don’t know what that’s about please don’t ask as you won’t be awake by the time I finish answering, I had ensured that I arrived the afternoon before the conference to give me time to prepare my final points. I has also arranged to meet up with a contact from the OMX stock exchange for a catch up that evening. I knew it was posible that I would have some time to take a photo stroll around one of my favourite European cities so I made sure to pack my Leica M8 with my trusty Summicron C 40mm lens before leaving home.

As it turned out I had 40 minutes or so before meeting Jan at 7.00pm which meant there was some good soft light to repay me bringing my camera. Most of what follows were taken that evening with one or two images captured between meetings and presentations the next day. If you want a quick overview then just browse the gallery or see the full size images with descriptions below, and yes that is a photo of me at the end.

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You will notice that there are far more colour images than in my previous posts. I think I’m starting to get my colour mojo back and capture some reasonably presentable colour photos. It turns out that what you really need to do is expose them correctly and not over expose them. A stunningly obvious revelation but one that I’d completely missed/forgotten. This first photo was taken right outside my hotel the Radisson Blu. The flowers were just glowing in an early spring display and you’ll notice the reflection of my next subject in the window too.

A Stockholm Stroll 1

The light was starting to get low and soften though not as much as it would have in England at this time of day, if it wasn’t raining most of the time, given how far North Stockholm is. It was certainly enough to make photography interesting though and gave a deeper richness to the colours with shadows developing. This boat was beautifully lit and it works for me both in black & white and colour.

A Stockholm Stroll 2

A Stockholm Stroll 3

As I walked round this part of the harbour there was a set of steps where people were sitting and chatting or queuing to go on a boat trip around Stockholm.

A Stockholm Stroll 4

One of the things I love about Stockholm is there there is water all around you. It is a city on the sea made up of a number of islands linked together by bridges and causeways. It imparts a freshness to the air and, at times, a sparkle to the light that is hard to find in more landlocked cities.

A Stockholm Stroll 5

Behind the steps is a plaza with flower troughs and a small garden square where people were gathering in the evening sunshine. It was a long and hard winter in Sweden, as across all of Europe, and people really seemed to be enjoying the start of this late spring.

A Stockholm Stroll 9

I noticed a couple with vintage style bicycles crossing the plaza who then met up with two other friends. The contrast of their clothes and bikes made a really interesting image.

A Stockholm Stroll 10

A Stockholm Stroll 11

A Stockholm Stroll 12

At the entrance to the garden behind the plaza was this wonderful stone roundel with writing carved into it. Not speaking Swedish I don’t know what it says but with light coming low and from the left it had a real impact.

A Stockholm Stroll 6

I spent about 15 minutes or so in the garden. With trees in blossom and people of all ages relaxing in groups or by themselves it was a great place to hang out.

A Stockholm Stroll 8

A Stockholm Stroll 7

A Stockholm Stroll 14

A Stockholm Stroll 15

No photo stroll around Stockholm would be complete without some images of the wonderful architecture in this city. The first picture was taken in the evening and the rest the next day between meetings. The weather changed the second day and between the rain bursts gave some dramatic stormy skies, clearing later in the afternoon.

A Stockholm Stroll 13

A Stockholm Stroll 16

A Stockholm Stroll 17

A Stockholm Stroll 18

Finally there is a picture taken as we approached Stockholm in the plane and a self portrait in my hotel room. As its now June I really should change my Facebook profile picture from a skiing shot and being the one that is normally behind the camera there aren’t that many photos of me. Thanks for joining me on my Stockholm sojourn and if you get the chance do go yourself, its a beautiful place.

A Stockholm Stroll 20

A Stockholm Stroll 21