Whitsun Weekend in Whitstable & Tankerton

A short blog for two good reasons.
1. I’ve a whole load more pictures to edit and blogs to write so watch out for that
2. My battery was almost flat when I switched my camera on so there are a limited number of photographs

This latter was a real positive challenge as it placed a severe constraint on the number of images I could take. I had to be much more selective and take only images that summed up both the place and caught the atmosphere of the day.  Rather like shooting with film, except of course I have the advantage of being able to shoot in both colour and black & white at the same time.

Anyway it was a warm Whitsun Weekend in Kent and we drove down to Tankerton and Whitstable where some of my family live. We had lunch in JoJo’s a fantastic restaurant where my niece helps run front of house and I managed to take a portrait of James. He’s not really big on having his photo taken so it was great to be able to get this one.

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 7

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 8

This was followed by a walk along Tankerton slopes and sea front with its quintessentially English beach huts and pebbly beach.

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 1

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 2

With the early summer sun putting everyone in a good mood there were plenty of families relaxing and playing on the beach.

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 3

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 4

As we walked further along we came across a wedding reception being held in an old wooden house just by the sea.  It looked a really laid back affair with an acoustic set being played by the a three piece band whilst guests strolled through the white painted clapboard house and the sea front garden.  The atmosphere that came across was  of a relaxed retro wedding and I really wanted to try and capture this but by now my battery was all but dead.  I could probably only get  one shot and needed to try and sum it all up in one image.  For me the vintage wedding car portrayed the essence perfectly, I hope you agree.

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 5

Whitsun Weekend- Whitstable & Tankerton 6