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Nous sommes tous les Parisiens

Last night, Saturday November 14th, I went to Trafalgar Square.  I was still recovering from being ill but I could not stay in with such awful news.  I felt the need to document… Continue reading

Temples of Tokyo

Silent bell touched Glinting light, smoky shadows Time passes still

Two Days in Tokyo

Its the end of July and I’m just getting around to writing up the final two posts of a trip that we took in February.  If there were school reports for blogging mine… Continue reading

My entries for the New York Street Photography Exhibition at South Street Seaport Museum

My friend Amy Dangrabbit (no that’s not her real name), who has an amazing photo site at that you absolutely should visit, mentioned on her Facebook page about this call for submissions for an exhibition of street photography… Continue reading

Parisian Moments

Towards the end of last year I was in Paris for the World Infrastructure Summit, not exactly the most romantic reason to be there but at least it was Paris.  Most of the time was… Continue reading

Two Sides of Liberty: from the Islands to the Plaza – Part 2

So the much delayed second part of our Liberty Island to Liberty Plaza blog post is here.  Why much delayed?  Well a combination of things really: life, work, dissatisfaction at how I had… Continue reading

New York in Black & White – Revisited

I said there would be more frequent posts and here’s the next one hot on the heels of the last.  It’s no secret that in most cases I prefer black & white photography to colour, it allows you to… Continue reading

New York in Colour – Revisited

So now I’m back and there will be far more frequent postings, or even just some postings.  Tomorrow I’m off to New York again, this time with Lucy as an early 18th birthday… Continue reading

A tale of two temples – a quick view of Tate Modern & St Pauls

As I was walking to the Tube Station late on Thursday night I passed by both Tate Modern and St Paul’s.  It was reasonable weather and having had a libation or two I was more charitably disposed… Continue reading

Going Local – Darland Spring

Post Flight This series of photographs, and other Going Local posts that follow, are all the fault of Ashwin Rao. Who is Ahswin?  A very talented photographer who also happens to be the team doctor to the Seatlle Seahawks,… Continue reading

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